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Facility Use

The Ukiah Unified School District welcomes community groups and organizations to use our school facilities for meetings and events. This page is intended to help you with that process. For more information, please reference our Board Policy and Administrative Regulation pertaining to the use of our school facilities. 
Usage fees vary according to the type of space and user group classification.  Spaces available include auditoriums, classrooms, gymnasiums, multi-purpose rooms, cafeterias, and playfields.
Interested organizations or community members may download the facility use application and apply NO LESS THAN 3 WEEKS PRIOR to the event date.  Please follow the below steps to apply for the use of a UUSD facility.
Use of Facilities Applicant Instructions
Note: A blank Application and Agreement for Use of Facilities form is available at any UUSD school site.
  • Return the completed application to the site administrator of the requested facility for approval and signature
  • Once your application has been approved by the site with an authorized site signature, obtain the required insurance (see below) and submit it to the site with your approved application. 
  • The site will forward the approved application and proof of insurance to the District Service Center
Prior to use of the facility, applicant at their expense shall procure and maintain insurance against claims for injuries to persons or damages to property which may arise from or in connection with the applicants operation and use of the premises and/or facilities.
  • Certificate Holder:
Ukiah Unified School District
511 South Orchard Avenue
Ukiah, CA 95482
  • Commercial General Liability or Personal Liability on an occurrence form with a minimum limit of $1,000,000 each occurrence / $2,000,000 general aggregate for all groups except: 
    1. Seasonal Sports/Recreation Leagues, Sober Grad Organizations, or Private Events with 500+ attendees: Minimum limit of $2,000,000 each occurrence / $2,000,000 general aggregate.
    2. Year Round Sports/Recreation Leagues: Minimum limit of $5,000,000 each occurrence / $5,000,000 general aggregate
    3. Use of Swimming Pool Minimum limit of $6,000,000 each occurrence / $6,000,000 general aggregate. 
  • Additional Insured Endorsement: This is a separate form attached to the certificate. The endorsement must name Ukiah Unified School District, it’s elected or appointed officials, employees, agents and volunteers as Additional Insured (or Additional Covered Party) under the general liability policy. Forms CG 2026 or CG 2011 or equivalent required. For purposes of the CG 2011 only, this Agreement shall be deemed to be a lease. Blanket Additional Insured forms are acceptable when accompanied with an approved Facility Use Agreement.
  • Evidence of Primary Insurance (either by endorsement or the actual page(s) of the policy typically found in the “Other Insurance” section of policy): Applicants insurance shall be primary insurance as respects to Ukiah Unified School District, it’s elected or appointed officials, employees, agents and volunteers. Any insurance or self-insurance maintained by Ukiah Unified School District, its elected or appointed officials, employees, agents and volunteers shall be excess and shall not contribute with it.
  • The District will review the application to ensure the required site signature and insurance documents are in compliance.

    Once all forms have been received, the Risk Manager will review and provide district-level approval.

  • The District will process an invoice for the application fee and any other associated use fees.

    For your reference, here is the Fee Schedule and Classification List.

Certificates of Insurance may be emailed to

[email protected] or mailed to:


Ukiah Unified School District

Attn: Fiscal Services

511 S. Orchard Ave.

Ukiah, CA 95482
Facility Use Estimator - View and estimate of fees
All invoices are due 30 days after receipt of invoice to:
Ukiah Unified School District
511 South Orchard Avenue
Ukiah, CA 95482
UUSD does not endorse/recommend any particular company for this insurance. Below are several options available in the insurance marketplace: