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Facilities Master Plan

What is a Facilities Master Plan?


A Facilities Master Plan is an ongoing process that results in the creation of a comprehensive living document. Both the process and document are designed to ensure that the school and community based plan is created through a consensus of participants in the facilities master planning process. The purpose of the plan is to develop and communicate an efficient process to change the District's School Facilities to better accommodate and support its current and future educational programs on a regularly updated basis. It will serve as a guide for assessing the need for facility improvements and capital investments to implement them. This Facilities Master Plan will determine the scope of repairs, modernization, upgrades, and/or new construction needed to serve the current and future school facilities needs of the community. It will also assess the variety of Federal, State, and local funding sources and financing options available to the District and will import a prudent view of the scope of projects that may reasonably be accomplished with available funds.


Our Process


Ukiah Unified School District (UUSD) engaged the community in its Facilities Master Plan (FMP) process to help identify specific projects and to assist the Board of Trustees in setting priorities and identifying the cost of addressing school facility needs. The FMP consultants, JK Architecture Engineering, used a multi-step approach to develop the plan, including:


Step – 1: Capture the Big Picture “Vision”

Step – 2: Identify Educational Goals & Needs

Step – 3: Assess Existing Conditions of District Facilities

Step – 4: Develop Transformational Concepts

Step – 5: Document a Facilities Master Plan

Step – 6: Approve the “Vision for Ukiah Unified School District”


In October 2017, The UUSD Board of Trustees approved a new FMP for the District. The development of the plan was executed through the collaborative efforts of a dedicated steering committee comprised of a large number of stakeholders and numerous site walks throughout the District. Multiple committee meetings and community forums were conducted to create, develop, and finalize the plan.


The FMP includes a comprehensive list of maintenance and code needs for each school facility and a transformational concept campus vision for each school site.