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Personnel Commission

Personnel Commission 2017

Seated Left to Right: Martha Giacomini ~ Kathy James ~ Susan Sher

Back Row: Iralene Holbrook & Lori Klee

Our Purpose

The Personnel Commission is a non-partisan public body responsible for administering a merit system for the selection, retention, and promotion of classified employees.

In 1883, Congress passed the Federal Civil Service Act to establish a civil service system for federal employees to guard against patronage appointments. 

In 1936, the California Legislature amended the Education Code to make a merit system structure available to its school districts. The amendment was enacted when more than 700 classified employees were fired the day after an election in the Los Angeles City Schools system to make room for political “spoilsmen” (the hiring of the politician’s friends, relatives and campaign supporters). There are approximately 100 K-12 merit system school districts in California employing 65% of the total classified school employees in the state. 

The merit system ensures that the public school employer hires and promotes qualified classified employees through consistent and lawful testing and hiring practices. The Ukiah Unified School District incorporated the merit system of personnel management for classified employees effective July 1, 1967.

This is the Commission's 51st year of service to the classified employees and to the District.