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Keeping Kids Safe in the Heat

Children often do not recognize the signs of overheating and rely on adults to help them stay hydrated and cool. Their bodies produce more heat during physical activity, and they sweat less, which reduces their ability to cool down. Here are some tips to protect them during heat waves:

  • Hydration: Ensure they drink plenty of water, even if they aren’t thirsty.
  • Clothing: Dress them in lightweight, light-colored, and loose-fitting clothes.
  • Indoor Activities: Encourage playtime indoors during peak heat hours (10 AM - 4 PM).
  • Sun Protection: Apply sunscreen (SPF 30+) and use hats and sunglasses.
  • Stay Cool: Use fans and air conditioning, or visit public cooling centers.

Read more, including the symptoms of overheating, in this short, informative article: