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Senior Scholarship Night

We are thrilled to announce that this year, 106 of our graduating seniors were awarded a total of 90 scholarships, amounting to an impressive $514,791. This incredible support from our community is a testament to the value placed on education and the bright futures of our students.

These scholarships, made possible by the unwavering generosity of local organizations and individuals, highlight the strong community spirit that defines Ukiah. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all scholarship providers for their dedication and commitment to our students' success. Your contributions not only ease the financial burden of higher education but also inspire and encourage our students to pursue their dreams with confidence.

Together, we are building a brighter future for Ukiah's youth. Thank you for your continued support and investment in the leaders of tomorrow.

Dr. Korby Olson Memorial Scholarship

  • Recipient: Sydney Kubin

Student Activity Scholarships:

Associated Student Body Scholarship

  • Recipient: Sydney Kubin

Ardis Campbell Leadership Award

  • Recipient: Olivia Damian

Ukiah Teachers Association Scholarship

  • Recipients: Lydia Leon, Lily Lewis

United States Military:

U.S. Airforce Honoree

  • Honoree: Ismael Cruz Tapia

Labelle Hall Memorial Scholarship

  • Recipients: Addison Koehn, Jennifer Fuentes Vazquez, Mackenzie Binkley, Saray Guzman Alvarez

Frank and Vivian Memorial Crawford Scholarship

  • Recipients: Eva Bailey, Karina Kowan, Josie Bogner

Periodico Al Punto Scholarship

  • Recipient: Keny Lopez Prado

Grand Canyon Academic Excellence Scholarships

  • Recipients: Giovanny Barron, Cora Davis, Cole Fowler, Cannon Johnson, Oscar Rodriguez

Ukiah Host Lions Club Scholarship

  • Recipient: Christian Mitchell

Ukiah High School Alumni Association:

Auger Family Scholarship

  • Recipient: Marin Lake

Darlene Bragg Simmons Scholarship

  • Recipient: Saray Guzman Alvarez

Health Science Scholarship

  • Recipient: Jaquelin Novoa

Marvin DeAngeles Industrial Arts Scholarship

  • Recipient: Adrian Mendoza

UHS Alumni Association Scholarship

  • Recipients: Cora Davis, Eva Bailey, Jacob Kubin, Jennifer Fuentes Vazquez, Sofia Ochoa, Saray Guzman Alvarez, Matthew Vinson, Kaylie Foster, Karina Kowan, Tessa Jahnke, Oz Nass, Carson Maynard

Soinila Agricultural Scholarship

  • Recipient: Kaylie Foster

Thornhill Family Ag Scholarship

  • Recipients: Adrian Mendoza, Ricardo Nunez II

Dr. Peggy Peterson Giannoni Scholarship

  • Recipient: Oz Nass

The Lee & Cathy Panttaja Ukiah Dolphins Scholarship

  • Recipients: Nicholas Larson, Aleea Johnston

Bob Hardie Memorial Scholarship

  • Recipient: Lydia Leon

Ukiah High School Alumni Association & Mendocino College Foundation Scholarships:

Tom Goforth Scholarship

  • Recipient: Jennifer Fuentes Vazquez

Jeff Banks Scholarship

  • Recipient: Arlena Franco

Floyd Ross Scholarship

  • Recipient: Tessa Jahnke

Natalie McCoy Foucault Scholarship

  • Recipient: Jacob Mendoza

Norma Gibson Scholarship

  • Recipient: Danielle Mucho

Mendocino College Foundation Scholarships:

Mendocino College Foundation Academic Excellence Scholarship

  • Recipient: Aleea Johnston

Evelyn R. Foote Scholarship

  • Recipients: Arlena Franco, Jacob Mendoza, Liliana Reynoso, Marialorena Arreguin Hernandez, Marin Lake

Ukiah Educational Foundation:

Evelyn Allanson Scholarship

  • Recipients: Victoria Cawthon, Cora Davis, Alexis Santiago

Paul Barringer Trade Scholarship

  • Recipient: Jairo Pantaleon

Dawn Fund Scholarship

  • Recipient: Marisol Tlelo-Perez

Doug Denny Scholarship

  • Recipient: Nicholas Larson

Pat Denny Scholarship

  • Recipient: Casey Ramsey

Albert E. Elmer Scholarship

  • Recipient: Jacob Mendoza

Fetzer Scholarship

  • Recipient: Leslie Galindo Maldonado

Tony and Kay Gerhart Scholarship

  • Recipient: Christian Mitchell

Esther M. Harpe Scholarship

  • Recipient: Jennifer Fuentes Vazquez

Evelyn Redemeyer Foote Scholarship

  • Recipients: Daniel Solorio Aburto, Juan Alvarado Mendoza, Saray Guzman Alvarez, Eva Bailey, Avary Banks, Kallie Barekman, Mckenna Bird, Josie Bogner, Avalon Crowder, Leticia Ellis, Arlena Franco, Jennifer Fuentes Vazquez, Leslie Galindo Maldonado, Giselle Gonzalez, Adalei Jacobsen, Tessa Jahnke, Kamryn Jones, Karina Kowan, Jacob Kubin, Sydney Kubin, Forrest Lefebvre, Lydia Leon, Lily Lewis, Carson Maynard, Ani McKay, Leonardo Mendoza- Echeverria, Oz Nass, Emi Nguyen, Jaquelin Novoa, Ricardo Nunez II, Sofia Ochoa, Taylor Owen, Jaxon Page, Ava Rauch, Liliana Reynoso, Tyler Simerson, Payton Slotte, Tessa Turnwall, Andres Vedder, Diana Velez Olvera, Sophia Zhao

Don Rones, Sr. Scholarship

  • Recipients: Mackenzie Binkley, Addison Koehn

Billy Tatum Scholarship

  • Recipients: Eva Bailey, Mackenzie Binkley, Mckenna Bird, Josie Bogner, Victoria Cawthon, Trenton Ford, Cannon Johnson, Sydney Kubin, Carson Maynard, Jaxon Page

William Bittenbender Scholarship Fund

  • Recipients: Lucille Shakman, Ismael Cruz Tapia

The Community Foundation of Mendocino County:

Community Foundation of Mendocino County Scholarship

  • Recipients: Oz Nass, Lily Lewis

Hammond Trust Emergency Services Scholarship Fund

  • Recipients: Shealynn Johnson, Jacob Mendoza, Jaxon Page, Elijah Ram, Trevor Schlafer

Mendocino Agricultural Families' Scholarship Fund (Winegrowers' Scholarship Fund)

  • Recipient: Arlena Franco

Native American Scholarship Fund

  • Recipients: Marisol Tlelo-Perez, Julius Vedolla, Aden Nevarez, Leticia Ellis, Elijah Ram, Mariah Noel, Shealynn Johnson

Skye Scholarship Fund

  • Recipients: Cora Davis, Mariah Noel, Emmalu Schwab

Visual Arts Scholarship Fund

  • Recipient: Eleanor Trouette

Kai Logan Shepherd Scholarship Fund

  • Recipients: Tyler Simerson, Trenton Ford, Trevor Schlafer, Rocio Chavez Fuentes, Lilleann Stoner, Oscar Rodriguez, Jennifer Fuentes Vazquez

Kressa Jean Shepherd Scholarship Fund

  • Recipients: Marisol Tlelo- Perez, Jacob Kubin, Lydia Leon, Victoria Cawthon, Payton Slotte, Elizabeth Lu, Josie Bogner, Ava Rauch, Kamryn Jones, Karina Kowan, Lucille Shakman

Marge Pardini Philanthropy Scholarship Fund

  • Recipient: Casey Ramsey

McCarthy and Whitcomb Inland Performing Arts Scholarship Fund

  • Recipient: Jacob Kubin

MCHC Health Centers: Linnea Hunter Scholarship Fund

  • Recipients: Jayleen Rodriguez, Danielle Mucho

Ryan & Collin Petitte Memorial Scholarship Fund

  • Recipient: Josie Bogner

Sandy Westman Mayfield Vocational Scholarship Fund

  • Recipient: Zoe Gregory

David Joseph Talamo Memorial Athletic Scholarship Fund

  • Recipient: Jennifer Fuentes Vazquez

Katherine and Elizabeth Lanam Memorial Scholarship

  • Recipient: Aleea Johnston

Jean Cannon Scholarship Fund

  • Recipients: Payton Slotte, Katie Williams

Keffeler Family Medical Scholarship

  • Recipient: Christian Mitchell

Paul and Linda Shimmin Scholarship Fund

  • Recipients: Trevor Schlafer, Jaxon Page, Avalon Crowder, Addison Koehn

Ukiah High School Class of 1960 Scholarship Fund

  • Recipient: Faith Breen

Viola L. Allen and Oscar A. Allen Scholarship Fund

  • Recipients: Jennifer Fuentes Vazquez, Liliana Reynoso, Avary Banks, Emily Gonzalez, Kamryn Jones

Woman’s Opportunity Scholarship Fund

  • Recipients: Cora Davis, Rocio Chavez Fuentes, Daisy Gonzalez, Emily Gonzalez, Yadira Lule, Leticia Ellis

Elmer Albertson Scholarship

  • Recipient: Adrian Mendoza

Lucinda Vineyards Scholarship Fund

  • Recipients: Jonathan Gonzalez Valencia, Lucille Shakman

Warren "Ed" Brown Math/Engineering Scholarship Fund

  • Recipient: Eowyn Millward

Dr. Phillip Gary MESA Scholarship

  • Recipients: Jaquelin Novoa, Emily Valle Sanchez, Jairo Pantaleon, Jennifer Fuentes Vazquez, Tessa Jahnke, Alexis Sanchez, Alvaro Nieves, Alonzo Reynoso, Joanna Ford-Barrera, Emily Gonzalez

Ukiah High School Club Latino Scholarship

  • Recipients: Yadira Lule, Izabella Nickerson, Isabella Mireles

Arlene Colombini Scholarship

  • Recipient: Alexis Santiago

Peregrine Audubon Society Scholarship

  • Recipients: Victoria Cawthon, Josie Bogner, Ava Rauch

California School Employees Association Chapter 194:

Anne Schmitz And Tom Cardwell Memorial Scholarship

  • Recipient: Mackenzie Binkley

American Legion Lewis White Post 76 John Walker Scholarship

  • Recipients: Victoria Cawthon, Wyatt Schank

Dave McMullen Scholarship

  • Recipient: Matthew Vinson

Walter Salmen Memorial Scholarship

  • Recipient: Matthew Vinson

Mendocino Land Trust Natural Resources Conservation Scholarship

  • Recipient: Ani McKay

Rotary Club Of Ukiah Scholarship (Four-Year College)

  • Recipient: Victoria Cawthon

Rotary Club Of Ukiah Scholarship (Community College/Trade School)

  • Recipient: Yadira Lule

South Ukiah Rotary:

South Ukiah Rotary Scholarship

  • Recipients: Catrina Karpov-Kinrade, Juan Alvarado Mendoza, Sofia Ochoa, Alexis Santiago

California Retired Teachers Association Cal-RTA Division 55::

Marston Gillette Scholarship

  • Recipient: Violet Cabral

P.E.O. Chapter NV Scholarship

  • Recipients: Victoria Cawthon, Aleea Johnston, Kamyrn Jones

Redwood Valley Grange Agriculture Scholarship

  • Recipients: Ava Rauch, Jose Moncada Ayala

Mendocino County Deputy Sheriff’s Association:

Ricky Delfiorentino & Robert Davis Memorial Scholarships

  • Recipients: Wyatt Schank, Valeria Puche Villalobos, Lily Lewis, Kamryn Jones, Aleea Johnston

2024 Willits Teachers Association Scholarship

  • Recipients: Mitchell Coughlin, Joshua Coletti, Ani McKay

Ukiah Sons Of Italy Scholarships:

Ukiah Sons Of Italy "Two Sisters" Scholarship

  • Recipient: Lydia Leon

Ukiah Sons of Italy Scholarship

  • Recipients: Tyler Simerson, Wyatt Schank

Ukiah Sons of Italy Oren & Gloria Thompson Scholarship

  • Recipient: Lily Lewis

Eileen Island Memorial Scholarship

  • Recipients: Leslie Galindo Maldonado, Emma Barrera, Noemie Chavarria, Bennett Gaylord, Emily Gonzalez, Elizabeth Lu, Arlyn Lopez, Lillean Stoner, Eleanor Trouette

Environmental Stewardship Scholarship

  • Recipients: Ava Rauch, Kaylie Foster

Soroptimist International Of Ukiah Scholarship

  • Recipients: Marialorena Arreguin Hernandez, Jaquelin Novoa

Mendocino Forest Products Community Scholarship

  • Recipient: Victoria Cawthon

Humboldt Area Foundation:

Fred W. & Janice Bruner Iten Memorial Scholarship Fund

  • Recipient: Victoria Cawthon

William A. Chessall Memorial Scholarship

  • Recipients: Oz Nass, Eva Bailey, Christian Mitchell