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School Desk: Celebrating the Class of 2024

As the school year draws to a close, I find myself reflecting on my inaugural year as the principal of Ukiah High School with a deep sense of pride and optimism. Since stepping into this role in the summer of 2023, I have navigated a journey filled with both challenges and triumphs. The vibrant educational community here at Ukiah High has welcomed me with open arms, and together, we have accomplished so much. As we now celebrate the graduating class of 2024, I am filled with gratitude and excitement for the future.

This year has been an incredible journey, one that I will cherish for years to come. From the beginning, I have been fortunate to work with a dedicated staff, engaged parents, and, most importantly, our resilient students. It has been inspiring to see the collaborative spirit and commitment to excellence that defines Ukiah High School. Together, we have built a stronger and more connected school community that supports each student's growth and success.

One of the most rewarding aspects of my tenure has been the opportunity to work with the senior class. The Class of 2024 holds a special place in my heart: these students have shown remarkable perseverance and leadership throughout the year. They have faced numerous challenges, both academic and personal, and have emerged stronger and more determined. This class of students started their high school careers remotely in the middle of an unprecedented pandemic. From that time to now, these students have shown what it means to be a Wildcat and lead with the tenets of ICPC - Integrity, Compassion, Productivity, and Creativity. 

The accomplishments of our seniors are truly impressive. From excelling in academics to leading various extracurricular activities, they have set a high standard for future classes. Their achievements, both in and out of the classroom, are a testament to their hard work, dedication, and the support of their families and teachers. As they prepare to embark on their next chapters, I commend each of them for their unwavering commitment to their goals and dreams.

To our graduates, I want to share a message from the heart: remember that you are the architects of your future. The experiences and lessons you have gained at Ukiah High have equipped you with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed. Embrace your passions, continue to strive for excellence, and never stop learning. The world is full of opportunities, and I have no doubt that you will make a significant impact wherever you go.

The commencement ceremony, set to take place on Friday, June 7th, promises to be a memorable event filled with joy, reflection, and anticipation. It will be a time to celebrate your accomplishments and to look forward to the exciting journeys ahead. I am looking forward to celebrating this milestone with you, your families, and friends.

As I look ahead to the next school year, I remain committed to advancing Ukiah High School's mission of academic excellence and community engagement. I am excited about the initiatives we have planned to enhance our educational programs and support our students' holistic development. With your legacy as inspiration, I am confident that the future of Ukiah High is bright, and I am thrilled to be part of this incredible journey.

Once again, congratulations to the Class of 2024! Your journey is just beginning, and I am excited to see the amazing things you will accomplish. Thank you for making my first year as principal truly unforgettable.