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School Desk: Reflections and Advice from Eighth-Grade

As eighth graders at Pomolita, we’ve embraced the spirit of our school through weeks filled with enthusiasm, memorable dances, and lively rallies. Representing Pomolita in basketball, volleyball, and other sports has been a highlight, showing our school spirit and teamwork. Beyond sports, our PE classes have been a source of fun and excitement, thanks to engaging activities that kept us active and entertained.

Our journey through subjects like algebra was challenging yet rewarding. With the help of our dedicated teacher, who made complex concepts easier to grasp, we navigated the hurdles with a better understanding and lighter spirits. Our appreciation extends to all the Pomolita staff for their unwavering support and commitment to our education.

To the incoming sixth graders, we offer a piece of advice: never procrastinate on your homework. The last-minute rush is real and never worth the stress. Make sure to turn in all assignments on time and stay on top of your classwork. It’s important to respect your teachers’ efforts by being prepared and ready to learn.

Remember to dress appropriately for PE — it’s simple and something everyone can manage. Being punctual for school and classes can significantly impact your academic performance and discipline. Choosing friends wisely is crucial; the company you keep influences your behavior and decisions. Surround yourself with positive influences and remain true to yourself.

Looking ahead, we’re excited about the transition to high school. The larger campus promises new areas to explore and express ourselves. We anticipate participating in sports at a more competitive level, especially basketball and soccer. The prospect of choosing new electives is thrilling, as it opens doors to discovering new interests. Moreover, meeting new teachers is something we look forward to, eager to learn from diverse perspectives and teaching styles.

We’re stepping into high school with open minds and hearts, ready to embrace the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. To the future sixth graders of Pomolita: cherish your time, seize every opportunity to grow, and always aim high!