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School Desk: Engaging Opportunities

As a first-year principal at Pomolita, I've been consistently amazed by the daily efforts of our dedicated teachers and staff. Their unwavering commitment to ensuring student learning is truly inspiring and a testament to our shared goal of providing the best education for your children. Throughout my career, from teacher to assistant principal and now principal at Pomolita, one crucial lesson stands out: the vital importance of student attendance. 

Attendance serves as one of the most pivotal indicators of student success. At Pomolita, our exceptional staff works tirelessly to support student achievement. The recent challenges posed by the pandemic reinforced what we already knew: there's simply no substitute for regular school attendance. Directly linked to academic success, consistent attendance ensures students have the opportunity to learn and grow.

Our school offers a ton of activities designed to engage students both academically and socially. From sports like Basketball, Volleyball, Wrestling, Track and Field, Softball, and Soccer to academic pursuits such as our Mock Trial team, there's something for every interest. Additionally, students can participate in numerous clubs during and after school hours, including Yearbook. Our arts programs, including Band, Choir, and Art, provide further avenues for expression and growth. Notably, our Band and Choir classes will compete in a music competition at Six Flags this year. These diverse opportunities are sure to excite and engage your children, fostering their growth and development.

Our after-school ASES program provides tutoring and access to many of the activities mentioned. Students can join student leader groups like the Safe Student Ambassadors program or become student leaders through Associated Student Body (ASB). Additionally, 7th graders with good attendance and grades may apply for our Where Everybody Belongs (WEB) program during their 8th grade year.

We're eagerly anticipating the arrival of our new 6th graders for the upcoming 2024-2025 school year. Our dedicated team of sixth-grade teachers is enthusiastic about extending a warm welcome to these incoming students. To facilitate their transition, we've arranged various opportunities for students to become acquainted with our school environment.

In addition to the informational sessions held in January and February, we are planning another 6th-grade informational night in March. Plus, we're organizing a field trip for 5th and 6th graders from our elementary schools to visit Pomolita, where they will be guided by our fantastic WEB leaders. During the summer, a specialized orientation event will be offered just before the start of the school year to ensure that our incoming 6th graders feel comfortable and prepared for their new academic journey.

For a glimpse into daily life at Pomolita, we encourage you to explore our YouTube channel, Pomolita Video, which features daily announcement videos produced by our WEB program.

As we embark on the second semester, I encourage students to take full advantage of the opportunities available at Pomolita and prioritize regular attendance. Together, let's ensure every student thrives.