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Superintendent Kubin’s Update August 25, 2023

Welcome Back, Ukiah Unified! We’re thrilled to see your children’s smiling faces and begin another exciting school year full of wonderful experiences. As we dive into 2023-24, let’s embrace the opportunities ahead and make this year one of joy and achievement. 

Ensuring Safe Schools At Ukiah Unified, we strive to create a positive campus culture so kids come to school every day, love school, and feel supported and safe. Every student, parent, and staff member should feel comfortable letting us know when something is not right. If you see or know something, say something. We expect students, staff, and parents to report any safety concerns to us. Click here to learn more about what Ukiah Unified does to help ensure safe schools.

Communication During an Emergency Ukiah Unified is committed to providing open, transparent, and accurate information to parents and guardians as quickly as possible. We always strive to do this, especially during a school emergency. It is often impossible to communicate immediately during these situations because the staff’s first concern is student safety. In a lockdown involving law enforcement and first responders, we prioritize securing our students and staff first. When we have done so, and through careful consideration of all the facts, we will then communicate with parents. As a parent myself, I know our first instinct is to come to school during an emergency. Please do not do this because it can interfere with emergency responders’ ability to get to our campus rapidly. Click here to learn more about Ukiah Unified emergency communications.

Data Verification Process I want to remind you that each family must complete an important task as we kick off the new year. If you haven’t already done so, please verify student information for each of your students on the Aeries Parent Portal.

Academic Support  Don’t wait too long to ask for help if your child is struggling academically. Many resources are available at each school to help, including during and after school. For students in grades 6–12, don’t forget about, which families can access from home.

Click here to view my letter about California Assembly Bill 452 Regarding the Safe Storage of Firearms

If you need assistance, please reach out to your child’s school. I appreciate all you do to support your child’s education, and I look forward to working together to make 2023-24 another great year.