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School Desk Blog: Ukiah Unified’s biggest need

What does it take to attract, retain and promote good employees in today's world? Having a competitive salary and benefits package is vital, but other areas are equally or even more critical and need to be addressed. Your organization’s culture must be attractive. People must enjoy coming to work and feel as though they are appreciated and making a difference in what they do. This is the kind of culture we have at Ukiah Unified, and I want anyone to know it’s a great place to work. 

There are many reasons why it’s a great place to work. The District has been coming up with fresh ideas to show appreciation for our hard work, like employee of the month recognitions and employee spotlights in our newsletter. Constantly reinventing how you show appreciation is imperative to retaining and attracting employees. Ukiah Unified offers a wide variety of growth and development opportunities for employees to keep them engaged and striving to learn and improve. The District will help fund some of the learning, and completing specific professional development will also get you a raise!

Promoting a healthy lifestyle and encouraging a healthy work/life balance is key to keeping burnout to a minimum and shows that you are concerned for employee well-being. In this area, Ukiah Unified has a fantastic Health and Wellness program. Another great thing about Ukiah Unified is the open line of communication with our leaders; employees are encouraged to bring concerns to supervisors and provide feedback. 

Fostering a sense of community in public education is imperative to everything we do. How our staff feels and their work with and for our students, parents, and team directly affects our community.  With the ongoing employee shortage across the United States, it is more important than ever to implement and ensure the above areas are being fostered here at Ukiah Unified School District. Superintendent Kubin has done a great job in creating this type of culture and continues to brainstorm creative ways to ensure we continue to be successful for our students, staff, and community. 

The biggest need in our District is YOU or someone you know. Here are a few job classifications we are looking for at Ukiah Unified. Please follow this link to learn more and apply.


Paras, as they are called, assist individuals or groups of students in their instructional program in a classroom environment or on the playground, cafeteria, or playground. Paras work at all levels of education from TK through high school. Some work in general classrooms, some in specialized classrooms, and others with disabled students.

Food Service Assistants 

They perform various general duties related to preparing, assembling, and serving food, setting up serving lines, operating a point of sale register, keeping records, serving meals, and cleaning kitchen areas, equipment and utensils. 


Ukiah Unified custodians complete routine cleaning tasks in an assigned area or campus, such as sweeping, polishing, vacuuming, waxing, moving, and rearranging furniture and equipment. Custodians usually work alone at job sites.

Bus Drivers 

They are responsible for getting our most precious cargo to and from school.

Help us address our biggest need. People. We need dedicated people who love kids and want to be members of a winning team. Contact Ukiah Unified Personnel Commission at 707-472-5040 or [email protected] with questions. Apply here: