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School Desk Blog: Eagle Peak Middle School is More Than STEM

We walk up the steps of the capitol building in Sacramento, taking in all the history that is so beautifully laid at our feet. Opportunities like this are hardly ever given to students, but thanks to the History Club offered at Eagle Peak Middle School, students have the chance to visit these historical monuments. Though it is most commonly known for being a STEM Magnet school, Eagle Peak offers many other experiences for its students. A few examples of activities include Mural Painting, Equity Club, and History Club. The choice to join these, and many more clubs, is given to all the students on Eagle Peak’s campus. 

The History Club exposes students to new places and experiences by traveling around the area. In February, nine eighth-grade students and two teachers took a trip to Sacramento. There, they got to visit important sites, including the California Museum and the State Capitol Building. Jacob Kubin, the President of the club, says, “Going to the capitol building was an amazing opportunity that we really enjoyed. It was a very eye-opening experience, and we all truly enjoyed planning the trip.” The rest of the members strongly agreed that it was a trip worth remembering. 

The History Club started as an idea from history teacher, Naomi Nungaray. “I wanted to start the History club because I wanted to expose students to experiences outside of Mendocino County. We live in a small, rural community and I wanted students to be able to see the broader world and be a part of it. I wanted them to meet new people, go to new places, try new foods, go to museums, and have new experiences that they may not have been given if they had stayed in this small town.” 

Now that the History Club has been going for three years, it has evolved into something great. Recently, students have been planning their second field trip to downtown San Francisco that will take place this March. They will get even more exposure to the Bay Area and the world they live in by visiting the city. The memories made on field trips are unforgettable. 

The History Club is just one of many clubs at Eagle Peak that offers amazing opportunities for students. The Mural Painting class, led by Digital Media teacher, Elizabeth DeVinny, is a fantastic way to let the artistic side of students show. This year, fifteen students have finished the first part of a mural that will be completed in three years and hung up at the Redwood Valley Market in phases. The mural started as an idea built by Redwood Valley Outdoor Education Project’s (RVOEP) Maureen Taylor, DeVinny, and her twenty-five eighth-grade students last year who wanted to show the diverse ecological landscape that we have in Redwood Valley. The first phase of the mural will be hung at the market at the end of this month.

Eagle Peak also has a Gay-Straight Alliance Club (GSA), formerly known as Equity Club, started by science teacher Tracie Mello and RVOEP’s Maureen Taylor. The club was created for students who are either a part of the LGBTQ+ community or are allies. GSA Club allows students to let down their guard and feel free to be themselves while they are at school. This club meets every Wednesday all year long to check in with each other and share how things are going. Mrs. Mello says, “It is important to me that students have a safe, non-judgmental, supportive environment during what can be a tumultuous time in their lives.” Middle school can be challenging, and we are so grateful to have a place to go to support each other.

Eagle Peak Middle School is most commonly known for being a STEM Magnet school, but there is so much more than just STEM happening on campus. Students are given many opportunities to take part in various diverse clubs that allow them to experience the world around them. Whether the experiences include visiting historical monuments or finding themselves, all the clubs bring students closer to the people around them. When coming to Eagle Peak, it may not seem obvious that these incredible opportunities exist, but they give students life lessons that they will never forget.