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School Desk Blog: What Is DLIP?

DLIP stands for Dual Language Immersion Program, which is a program at Pomolita Middle School, where students are taught in both English and Spanish. When students learn languages at an early age, it is easier to become multilingual. Many students that went to the Grace Hudson Dual Language Academy are now enrolled in this Pomolita Middle School program.

Here in Ukiah, students that go to Grace Hudson Language Academy learn Spanish and English at the same time. If these students go to Pomolita Middle School, many take part in our DLIP program. Pomolita is the only Middle School in our area that offers a DLIP program in their school at this time.

When you are in DLIP at Pomolita, your schedule does not allow time for an elective. For these DLIP students, there is a special early-morning Physical Education (PE) class that allows these seventh and eighth-grade students to enroll in an elective. This class is called a zero-period class, which means that it starts early in the morning before other classes. When a DLIP student takes this zero-period class, it frees up a period during the day for them to take an elective.

Pomolita Middle School student, Giovanni Dop, commented, “I take the zero period PE class so that I can take an elective. The elective I chose is Digital Media, where I get to do the news, work on fun projects, learn new things, and meet new people. I am very happy that I went to Grace Hudson and got into the DLIP program here at Pomolita.”

One of the many benefits of being a DLIP student is the field trips that students take part in and science camp. DLIP students go to science camp in sixth grade. In seventh grade, they get to go to the Point Reyes Field Station. In eighth grade, DLIP students go to Alcatraz Island. According to Mrs. Ruiz, a DLIP Teacher at Pomolita, the seventh-grade students go to Point Reyes to build on their Science Camp experience and the things they learned there.

Eighth-grade DLIP students go to Alcatraz to learn more about U.S. History. They learn about U.S. History at Pomolita in Social Studies classes, and Alcatraz has a lot to do with some of their learning. Also, they go to connect and learn with students from other schools and classes. At Alcatraz, the students listen to presentations and recordings in Spanish so that they can use the skills they have learned over the years.

“I am not a DLIP student, but I have many friends who are. When friends first told me about DLIP, I didn’t understand what they were talking about at all. Then, I learned what it was all about and how popular and cool it is. From becoming multilingual, down to the field trips, DLIP has it all. DLIP is super cool, and I encourage you to enroll your children in the program if possible,” said Vincent Tyrrell, Pomolita Middle School student.

If you want to learn more about the Dual Language Immersion Program at Pomolita, call 707.472.5350.