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School Desk Blog: Homecoming Brings Ukiah High School Students Together

Ukiah High School’s famed homecoming celebration is fast approaching! Monday, September 30, 2019, which kicks off the full week of spirit, cheering, and competition, is just a little over a week away. Each grade is in the midst of preparations, working at their warehouses every day to ensure their class’s success when the week finally arrives. Though homecoming is sometimes viewed as simply a rivalry between the grades, what is so special about it is the innumerable moments of cooperation and harmony that bring the classes and our school together. 

The months leading up to homecoming are a time where a class can fully bond. Freshmen get to know each other, meeting and growing close with people from different middle schools. Sophomores re-strengthen the connections they made in the previous year. Juniors thrive off of two years of experience with each other, and seniors celebrate their final year together and the memories they have made. Classes learn skills they will use for the rest of their adult lives like cooperation, compromise, patience, dedication, creativity, unity, and so much more.

Through the building of parade floats, choreographing of dances, stomps, lip sync battles, creation of skits, and designing of artistic murals and backdrops, students learn about the success that the unique skills of everyone in a team brings. No one person could attempt to plan all of this, and so, under the skilled leadership of class presidents, different teams and committees are formed to utilize everyone’s different abilities and passions. 

The week of homecoming is all about school pride and unity. Though friendly class competition is constant, we have all-school rallies and school color dress-up days to celebrate our shared experience of being a student at Ukiah High School. Friday, we come together at the football game to celebrate and cheer on our team. We know that no matter whichever class has the greatest amount of points, the whole school has put on an incredible event that would be impossible without the help of every single person who participates. In this process, homecoming becomes more than just an adolescent event. The entire community of Ukiah can come out to the parade or game to watch the next generation shine and our school come together as one. Don’t forget to wear your purple and gold on Homecoming, Friday, October 4, 2019, to support our entire Wildcat Nation!