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School Desk Blog: Stand with Our Students to Fight Climate Change

Ukiah Teachers Association (UTA) recently decided to take up climate change as an issue of focus because teachers are influential to our next generations, and we felt the need to stand up with our students to fight climate change.  The idea was inspired and brought forward following the worldwide student climate strikes on Fridays of each week during the school year. We encourage community members to join UTA and do whatever you can to lower your carbon footprint by refusing single-use plastic, driving less, eating more plants and less meat, and by contacting legislators about climate change action.

UTA is excited to announce that we have unanimously passed a Climate Action Resolution, and we are sharing this resolution with you today.

Ukiah Teachers Association Climate Action Resolution - A resolution of Ukiah Teachers Association calling for Congressional action on climate change

Whereas there is agreement among scientists that human activities which create greenhouse gas emissions are the main cause of climate change and threatens the wellbeing of future generations;

Whereas climate change is a social justice and equity issue.  While climate change impacts all people and disproportionately impacts all young people and all future generations, it disproportionately affects people of color and people in poverty, thereby exacerbating existing inequities and limiting equality of opportunity which is a foundational aspiration;  

Whereas young people are unfairly impacted by national climate inaction because greenhouse gases will continue to build up over the coming decades and will create a burden throughout our lives, as well as the lives of future generations;  

Whereas in 2015 the California PTA declared that climate change was a “children’s issue”;

Whereas all Americans from all political parties, religions, ethnicities, rural, urban, suburban communities and from all corners of the nation could unify behind the cause of restoring America’s leadership on climate change action, for the good of our generation, the youth, and for all subsequent generations;

Whereas the global impact, the urgency, and the magnitude of climate change calls for leadership and action in all sectors of society, all institutions, and all elected leaders;

Whereas we believe that climate change is not a partisan issue and that local, state and national decisions should be guided by the best available science;

Whereas teachers, by nature are responsible for the youth of the world and it is important that as part of our job, we take a stand; and

Whereas time is of the essence and the actions we take in the next few years will have repercussions, both positive and negative for generations to come; now, therefore, be it

Resolved, that Ukiah Teachers Association (UTA) on behalf of its members:

  1. declares climate change a generational justice, human rights, social justice, and equity issue;
  2. urges Congress to swiftly end decades of climate neglect and pass common sense, equitable and effective state and national climate policies, such as carbon-pricing, a 100% clean energy transition plan, and/or green infrastructure investments.  We call on all staff, voters, leaders, and the institutions to join us in advocating for and implementing these policies rapidly in order to restore the climate;
  3. urges the School Board of Ukiah Unified School District, and other school districts, student councils, county boards of education, state boards of education, other Teacher Unions, the California Teachers Association, the National Education Association, as well as the National School Board Association to all pass climate action resolutions in order to protect current and future students;
  4. urges our UTA members, school board members, and superintendent to engage with local, state, and federal jurisdictions and elected leaders to engage in non-partisan advocacy for science-based policies to restore the climate;
  5. urges our school district to form a multi-stakeholder committee to develop a Climate Action Plan for Ukiah Unified School District;
  6. urges that those people closest to the Members of Congress who are the most disengaged from climate change work to shift the Member’s perceptions and beliefs about the issue and how it directly affects the students we serve.

Now, therefore, let it be further resolved that Ukiah Teachers Association

  1. asks the UTA secretary to transmit official copies of this resolution to all other teachers’ unions in Mendocino County, the California Teachers Association, and the National Education Association.