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School Desk Blog: Classified School Employees Build Connections and Inspire Lives

Classified employees are building connections and inspiring lives at our schools every day. From the time your child leaves home to either ride the bus or be dropped off at their school, classified employees are there to greet them with a smile, a hug, some kind words, and to ensure they safely get to their classrooms. Learning does not happen only in the classroom. We all know how impressionable children are, our actions and words matter; they are learning from their environment daily. They watch us interact with our co-workers and other students and learn social skills they will use in their lives. This is one of the reasons our classified staff are so amazing. The passion for working with our youth is the driving force behind seeking a career in education.

We have employees so dedicated they will work after hours and on weekends for no extra pay to ensure the very best for the students they serve. Giving 110% daily can be exhausting, and there are times we become complacent and feel as if what we are doing may not matter. This is human nature, but then we have a student or co-worker say to us, “Thank you for talking to me the other day.” Sometimes they do not say anything, just the look, a hug, or the smile they give reminds us why we do what we do; the fire and passion return giving us the strength we need to give that 110% again and again.

You never know what others are dealing with in their lives, so showing kindness and encouragement can redirect the thoughts students and staff may be having. It only takes one person to reach another. We must remain open to continue to create positive change in others. The diversity we have in our staff is vital for student success. Sometimes, a student, parent, or co-worker may not open up to a certain type of personality, but then there is another great staff member right around the corner that they will identify with and who makes them feel safe. That is just the person they needed to see for the redirection of their thoughts and feelings to the positive.

I hope all classified school employees know how much they make a difference in the success of our schools and ultimately, our students. A school district could not run without us. Food Services staff provide food preparation that plays a critical role in the educational process by providing nutritious meals for children; sometimes, the only meals the students get for the day. Maintenance and Operations staff ensure the cleaning of classrooms and perform skilled maintenance work; these classified employees ensure that our schools are safe and comfortable places for students to learn.

Our Office and Technology staff assist students, administration, parents, and staff with many things that ensure student success. Either at the front desk of their schools or troubleshooting computer systems in the district, classified employees provide support services that keep our schools running smoothly. Our Paraeducators and instructional assistants offer instructional support and enhance the work of teachers in all aspects of our education process. Our campus supervisors and warehouse staff provide many specialized services to our district every day by ensuring safety on each campus and delivering supplies. Our school bus drivers carry the most precious cargo: our children. That’s why school bus drivers, mechanics, and other school transportation personnel are the safest and most qualified in the state. If just one of these links is inoperable, we could not be successful. Thank you all for what you do every day to ensure the very best for our students and community. We all make a difference.